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Case No.Case Docket#CountySale DateProperty AddressProperty CSZDeed of Trust Book/PageBid AmountDeficiency
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12119262017-CP-04-01099Anderson, SC5/1/2018217 Oak DriveBelton, SC 296274630 / 276bid not available yetWaived
12224022017-CP-04-01852Anderson, SC5/1/2018211 Rio WayAnderson, SC 2962511067 / 00032bid not available yetRequested
12290212017-CP-10-06236Charleston, SC5/1/2018140 Keaton Brook DriveSummerville, SC 294850598 / 575bid not available yetWaived
11873482016-CP-10-03612Charleston, SC5/1/20181524 Westridge CircleCharleston, SC 29412O 605 / 781$63,009.89Waived
12161172017-CP-10-03462Charleston, SC5/1/20188643 Roanoke DriveNorth Charleston, SC 294060391 / 836bid not available yetWaived
12161882015-CP-10-03091Charleston, SC5/1/20181214 Spotted Owl DriveMount Pleasant, SC 294660420 / 892bid not available yetWaived
12060852017-CP-17-00609Dillon, SC5/1/2018529 Lakeside CourtDillon, SC 29536526 / 278bid not available yetRequested
12161892016-CP-18-01811Dorchester, SC5/1/2018101 Flicker LaneSummerville, SC 294859405 / 133bid not available yetWaived
12088112014-CP-18-02228Dorchester, SC5/1/2018407 Branch Creek TrailSummerville, SC 294835822 / 063bid not available yetRequested
12191932016-CP-18-00786Dorchester, SC5/1/2018644 Alwyn BoulevardSummerville, SC 294859901 / 130bid not available yetWaived
12298102017-CP-18-02072Dorchester, SC5/1/2018141 Pike DriveSummerville, SC 294839287 / 133bid not available yetWaived
11851442011-CP-21-01196Florence, SC5/1/2018431 East Glendale DriveFlorence, SC 29506-8605A520 / 2360bid not available yetWaived
11643562015-CP-08-01840Berkeley, SC5/2/2018204 Trailway DriveSummerville, SC 29483Volume 8268 / 131bid not available yetWaived
11779482016-CP-08-00592Berkeley, SC5/2/2018IS 6 Old Highway 6Cross, SC 29436Volume 6156 / 124bid not available yetWaived
12044222015-CP-08-01498Berkeley, SC5/2/2018215 Mulberry DriveSummerville, SC 294834641 / 51bid not available yetWaived
12059362017-CP-08-02184Berkeley, SC5/2/2018335 Sanctuary Park DriveSummerville, SC 29483Volume 8233 / 6bid not available yetRequested
12068032017-CP-08-02731Berkeley, SC5/2/2018332 Fox Ridge LaneMoncks Corner, SC 29461RB 2147 / 718bid not available yetWaived
12188122017-CP-08-01962Berkeley, SC5/2/2018133 Iron RoadSummerville, SC 29486RB 2260 / 126bid not available yetWaived
12208002017-CP-14-00318Clarendon, SC5/7/20181031 Pearson RoadManning, SC 291021094 / 245$55,200.00Waived
12308742018-CP-16-00014Darlington, SC5/7/2018307 West College AvenueHartsville, SC 295501070 / 6812bid not available yetWaived
12161862017-CP-11-00261Cherokee, SC5/7/20181174 South Rutherford StreetBlacksburg, SC 29702Volume 68 / 1069bid not available yetWaived
12306722017-CP-11-00945Cherokee, SC5/7/2018135 Englishman DriveBlacksburg, SC 2970213 / 2823bid not available yetWaived
12088732017-CP-14-00118Clarendon, SC5/7/20181243 South Dukes StreetSummerton, SC 291481040 / 112bid not available yetWaived
12030252017-CP-16-00239Darlington, SC5/7/2018404 Gilchrist RoadDarlington, SC 295321078 / 1456$104,000.00Waived
12189562017-CP-22-00754Georgetown, SC5/7/2018411 Palm StreetGeorgetown, SC 29440323 / 123bid not available yetWaived
12169272017-CP-19-00336Edgefield, SC5/7/20185 Twin Oaks DriveNorth Augusta, SC 298601511 / 36bid not available yetRequested
12276042017-CP-20-00449Fairfield, SC5/7/20184070 Greenbrier Mossydale RoadWinnsboro, SC 291801184 / 261bid not available yetWaived
12191432017-CP-23-05789Greenville, SC5/7/20183 Grey Beard CourtGreenville, SC 296093419 / 332bid not available yetWaived
12158852017-CP-23-04590Greenville, SC5/7/20183991 North Highway 101Greer, SC 29651MO 5057 / 3153bid not available yetWaived
11852862018-CP-23-01591Greenville, SC5/7/2018123 East Wilburn AvenueGreenville, SC 296113885 / 1480bid not available yetWaived
11748102016-CP-23-00746Greenville, SC5/7/2018404 Ardsley TrailPiedmont, SC 29673MO 5162 / 595bid not available yetWaived
12089692017-CP-23-02100Greenville, SC5/7/2018405 Panther CourtGreer, SC 29651MO 5313 / 0547bid not available yetWaived
12004072016-CP-23-07579Greenville, SC5/7/2018304 Cumulus CourtGreer, SC 29650MO 5264 / 4359bid not available yetWaived
12147392017-CP-23-06294Greenville, SC5/7/2018133 Shipman RoadMarietta, SC 296613283 / 1510bid not available yetWaived
12127742017-CP-24-00577Greenwood, SC5/7/2018104 Vintage CourtGreenwood, SC 296462233 / 296bid not available yetWaived
12161842017-CP-24-00256Greenwood, SC5/7/2018217 Phillips CircleGreenwood, SC 296492671 / 53bid not available yetWaived
12207992017-CP-24-00916Greenwood, SC5/7/2018102 Runnymeade StreetGreenwood, SC 296492977 / 158bid not available yetWaived
12191982016-CP-26-02049Horry, SC5/7/20181228 Shoebridge DriveMyrtle Beach, SC 295795162 / 1167bid not available yetWaived
12191722017-CP-26-06621Horry, SC5/7/20186916 Bay RoadMyrtle Beach, SC 295885068 / 1745bid not available yetRequested
12105312017-CP-26-02435Horry, SC5/7/2018117 Sly Fox TrailMyrtle Beach, SC 295885285 / 3231bid not available yetWaived
12248542018-CP-24-00086Greenwood, SC5/7/2018110 Columbia AveGreenwood, SC 29646795 / 130bid not available yetWaived
12267082018-CP-26-00237Horry, SC5/7/2018701 13th Avenue South #201Myrtle Beach, SC 295774863 / 1878bid not available yetWaived
11865652016-CP-26-04613Horry, SC5/7/2018162 Woodlyn AvenueLittle River, SC 295664515 / 1442bid not available yetRequested
11879082010-CP-26-01082Horry, SC5/7/20184872 Dahlia Court, #105Myrtle Beach, SC 295774016 / 0149bid not available yetWaived
12230642017-CP-27-00392Jasper, SC5/7/2018114 Alder LaneHardeeville, SC 29927Volume 900 / 494bid not available yetWaived
12239472017-CP-29-01027Lancaster, SC5/7/20181651 Drywood CircleLancaster, SC 297202424 / 278bid not available yetRequested
12241192017-CP-29-01043Lancaster, SC5/7/2018406 East Arch StreetLancaster, SC 297201482 / 28bid not available yetWaived
12244762017-CP-31-00258Lee, SC5/7/20185717 St. Charles RoadMayesville, SC 29104510 / 262bid not available yetRequested
12246162017-CP-32-03572Lexington, SC5/7/2018217 Bill Williamson CourtLexington, SC 2907316362 / 130bid not available yetRequested
12238682017-CP-32-04591Lexington, SC5/7/20182619 Brookcliff RoadCayce, SC 2903311762 / 116bid not available yetWaived
12189772017-CP-32-02715Lexington, SC5/7/2018116 Golden Pond DriveLexington, SC 2907312645 / 95$96,500.00Requested
12161742017-CP-32-02879Lexington, SC5/7/2018127 Wandering Brook RoadIrmo, SC 2906318746 / 79bid not available yetWaived
12174132017-CP-32-03276Lexington, SC5/7/2018305 Devinrock CourtWest Columbia, SC 2917016184 / 118bid not available yetRequested
12304192018-CP-36-00001Newberry, SC5/7/2018236 Elm StreetProsperity, SC 291271821 / 3bid not available yetWaived
12026732017-CP-37-00133Oconee, SC5/7/2018324 Odell Shoals RoadWalhalla, SC 296913302 / 52bid not available yetWaived
12060452017-CP-38-01190Orangeburg, SC5/7/20181273 John Brown RoadHolly Hill, SC 290591017 / 103bid not available yetWaived
12131752017-CP-39-00637Pickens, SC5/7/2018251 Riggs DriveClemson, SC 29631M2372 / 267bid not available yetWaived
12278742017-CP-39-01387Pickens, SC5/7/2018796 Breazeale RoadLiberty, SC 296574280 / 324bid not available yetWaived
12259802017-CP-42-03923Spartanburg, SC5/7/201814 West Clark RoadInman, SC 293495203 / 919bid not available yetWaived
12162372017-CP-42-01459Spartanburg, SC5/7/2018443 Melbourne LaneSpartanburg, SC 293014808 / 64bid not available yetWaived
11698532015-CP-42-04412Spartanburg, SC5/7/2018481 Etowah DriveRoebuck, SC 293763599 / 75bid not available yetWaived
11847522012-CP-44-00010Union, SC5/7/2018979 John Hart RoadJonesville, SC 29353-2715228 / 364bid not available yetWaived
11960492016-CP-42-04119Spartanburg, SC5/7/2018110 Pearson StreetInman, SC 293493709 / 354$33,379.81Waived
12127662017-CP-46-01433York, SC5/7/2018751 Shuttles WayFort Mill, SC 29715Volume 15245 / 125bid not available yetWaived
12184962017-CP-46-02605York, SC5/7/2018119 Woodside Village DriveRock Hill, SC 29730Volume 9775 / 75bid not available yetWaived
12269052017-CP-46-03266York, SC5/7/20181729 Canebrook GlenYork, SC 297456262 / 234bid not available yetWaived
12244412017-CP-46-03506York, SC5/7/2018221 Gateway Farm RoadClover, SC 29710Volume 10649 / 304bid not available yetWaived
12238602017-CP-46-03807York, SC5/7/2018219 Poag StreetRock Hill, SC 29730Volume 14585 / 25bid not available yetRequested
12238122017-CP-40-06243Richland, SC5/7/2018113 Delilah StreetColumbia, SC 29203858 / 2587bid not available yetWaived
12229342017-CP-40-05569Richland, SC5/7/2018368 Valley Heights LaneColumbia, SC 29223R 1476 / 1734bid not available yetRequested
12218062017-CP-46-03223York, SC5/7/2018465 Dutch White DriveClover, SC 29710Volume 14125 / 94bid not available yetRequested
12269642017-CP-40-06765Richland, SC5/7/20182 Duffie CourtColumbia, SC 292291818 / 2655bid not available yetWaived
12185232017-CP-40-05111Richland, SC5/7/20184669 Crystal DriveColumbia, SC 29206R 1290 / 1773bid not available yetWaived
12138772017-CP-40-03317Richland, SC5/7/20183008 Village Creek DriveColumbia, SC 29210R 1178 / 3011bid not available yetWaived
11455352011-CP-40-07770Richland, SC6/4/2018524 Portia RoadBlythewood, SC 290161710 / 3551bid not available yetWaived
11888022015-CP-40-03059Richland, SC6/4/201866 Lansing CircleColumbia, SC 29203-19091273 / 3073$52,000.00Waived
12125952017-CP-40-03043Richland, SC6/4/20185 High Glen CourtColumbia, SC 29229R 968 / 1437bid not available yetWaived
12218182017-CP-40-05845Richland, SC6/4/2018268 Morningside DriveColumbia, SC 29210R 1607 / 687bid not available yetWaived
11692542015-CP-40-07276Richland, SC6/4/2018403 Dahoon DriveColumbia, SC 29229R 1862 / 2214bid not available yetWaived
12003912017-CP-40-00079Richland, SC6/4/2018273 Holladay RoadChapin, SC 290361134 / 3233$190,080.00Waived
12115682017-CP-40-06020Richland, SC6/4/2018300 Elders Pond CircleColumbia, SC 29229R 983 / 743bid not available yetWaived
12260752017-CP-40-06482Richland, SC6/4/20182120 Marion StreetColumbia, SC 292011989 / 2185bid not available yetWaived
12301872017-CP-40-07858Richland, SC6/4/201812 Fallstaff CourtColumbia, SC 29229R 2023 / 670bid not available yetWaived
12299392017-CP-40-07690Richland, SC6/4/2018432 Ivywood LaneBlythewood, SC 290162023 / 1880bid not available yetWaived
12308762018-CP-40-00029Richland, SC6/4/201884 Springway DriveColumbia, SC 292091635 / 343bid not available yetWaived
12306102017-CP-40-07862Richland, SC6/4/2018541 Parlock RoadIrmo, SC 290632017 / 3180bid not available yetRequested
12306132017-CP-40-07860Richland, SC6/4/2018304 Whitewater DriveIrmo, SC 290632203 / 3469bid not available yetWaived
12214262017-CP-46-02548York, SC6/4/20181064 Eagle DriveRock Hill, SC 297323144 / 296bid not available yetWaived
12063172017-CP-42-02112Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018205 Old Woodruff RoadGreer, SC 296512624 / 803bid not available yetWaived
12115022017-CP-42-01559Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018253 North Radcliff WaySpartanburg, SC 293015095 / 575bid not available yetWaived
11888202014-CP-45-00213Williamsburg, SC6/4/201824 Sherwood StreetKingstree, SC 29556535 / 163$45,000.00Waived
11850672017-CP-46-00768York, SC6/4/20183121 Devonshire DriveRock Hill, SC 29732-82386867 / 227bid not available yetWaived
12174862017-CP-46-02105York, SC6/4/20181670 Amanda LaneRock Hill, SC 29730Volume 15451 / 158bid not available yetWaived
12172902017-CP-42-04007Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018115 First AvenueSpartanburg, SC 293025166 / 299bid not available yetRequested
12161472017-CP-42-00669Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018709 Heathridge CourtWoodruff, SC 29388 bid not available yetWaived
12212342017-CP-42-04206Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018499 Coopertown RoadSpartanburg, SC 293072011 / 623bid not available yetWaived
12187262017-CP-42-02563Spartanburg, SC6/4/2018203 Collinsworth CourtWoodruff, SC 293883562 / 874bid not available yetWaived
12007072015-CP-43-01084Sumter, SC6/4/2018415 Wise Drive (417-421)Sumter, SC 29150677 / 14bid not available yetWaived
12243242017-CP-39-01398Pickens, SC6/4/2018212 Glen Laurel DriveEasley, SC 296424966 / 259bid not available yetWaived
12243472017-CP-42-04578Spartanburg, SC6/4/20186010 Highway 101Woodruff, SC 293881808 / 974bid not available yetWaived
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