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Case No.Case Docket#CountySale DateProperty AddressProperty CSZDeed of Trust Book/PageBid AmountDeficiency
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12668652019-CP-02-00389Aiken, SC2/3/2020122 Monterey AvenueBelvedere, SC 29841Volume 2161 / 15bid not available yetWaived
12778732019-CP-02-01713Aiken, SC2/3/2020677 Lorraine DriveNorth Augusta, SC 29841RB 4287 / 2264bid not available yetWaived
12784482019-CP-02-01845Aiken, SC2/3/20201817 Oriole AvenueNorth Augusta, SC 29841RB 4665 / 765bid not available yetWaived
12723352019-CP-05-00110Bamberg, SC2/3/20203906 Country Club RoadDenmark, SC 29042Volume 397 / 101bid not available yetWaived
12653302019-CP-14-00058Clarendon, SC2/3/20201402 Green StreetTurbeville, SC 291621045 / 216bid not available yetWaived
11593762015-CP-14-00458Clarendon, SC2/3/20201180 Longleaf DriveManning, SC 29102798 / 65$133,066.96Waived
12131702018-CP-16-00107Darlington, SC2/3/20202147 Lazy Pines RoadDarlington, SC 295401034 / 5608$36,600.00Waived
12870442019-CP-23-04423Greenville, SC2/3/202026 Bentley WayGreer, SC 296154339 / 567bid not available yetWaived
12822252019-CP-23-04726Greenville, SC2/3/2020822S Old Fairview RoadFountain Inn, SC 29644MO 5373 / 2057bid not available yetWaived
12806912019-CP-23-04288Greenville, SC2/3/2020135 Jordan Crest CourtSimpsonville, SC 29681MO 5255 / 0733$158,440.00Waived
12688892019-CP-23-01457Greenville, SC2/3/202088 Hutchins StreetGreenville, SC 29605MO 5440 / 2022$89,600.00Waived
12723332019-CP-23-02279Greenville, SC2/3/2020204 Glenwood RoadGreenville, SC 296154111 / 718bid not available yetWaived
12792812019-CP-23-04018Greenville, SC2/3/2020214 Knollview DriveGreenville, SC 29611MO 5345 / 4441$102,400.00Waived
12398832018-CP-27-00527Jasper, SC2/3/2020707 Mitchellville RoadRidgeland, SC 29936Volume 235 / 263$34,000.00Requested
12861372019-CP-28-01053Kershaw, SC2/3/2020131 Abbey RoadElgin, SC 29045Volume 3964 / 113$127,600.00Waived
12857802019-CP-30-00834Laurens, SC2/3/2020101 Angler DriveLaurens, SC 293601534 / 278$146,477.91Requested
12745632019-CP-32-02727Lexington, SC2/3/2020100 Barmount DriveColumbia, SC 2921010645 / 260$129,600.00Waived
12730992019-CP-32-01978Lexington, SC2/3/2020110 Vineyard CourtWest Columbia, SC 2917010998 / 250bid not available yetWaived
12722392019-CP-32-02612Lexington, SC2/3/2020553 Chisolm WayLexington, SC 2907318484 / 350bid not available yetWaived
12782932019-CP-32-02591Lexington, SC2/3/20205555 Beckman RoadLexington, SC 2907318984 / 140bid not available yetWaived
12411592018-CP-32-02015Lexington, SC2/3/2020220 Siddington WayLexington, SC 2907312191 / 167bid not available yetWaived
12570602018-CP-32-03508Lexington, SC2/3/2020103 Oakdale StreetGaston, SC 2905311140 / 181bid not available yetRequested
12802502019-CP-32-03323Lexington, SC2/3/20201108 William and Mary CourtColumbia, SC 292108594 / 31$89,800.00Requested
12813022019-CP-32-03156Lexington, SC2/3/2020245 Gantt Mill RoadLeesville, SC 2907017243 / 3$155,493.00Waived
12823762019-CP-32-03212Lexington, SC2/3/2020161 Heather Ridge DriveGaston, SC 2905317982 / 6bid not available yetWaived
12647982019-CP-42-00430Spartanburg, SC2/3/202054 Lyman RoadInman, SC 293493637 / 343bid not available yetWaived
12462582018-CP-42-02945Spartanburg, SC2/3/20202006 Center StreetSpartanburg, SC 293032558 / 669bid not available yetWaived
12522622018-CP-42-03163Spartanburg, SC2/3/2020240 Tremont RoadSpartanburg, SC 293065091 / 275bid not available yetWaived
12723312019-CP-37-00213Oconee, SC2/3/2020231 Crystal Falls RoadWest Union, SC 296963615 / 253$120,000.00Waived
12353802018-CP-42-03284Spartanburg, SC2/3/2020106 Airport RoadRoebuck, SC 293763405 / 856$47,580.00Waived
12686492019-CP-43-01988Sumter, SC2/3/20204823 Wedgelake DriveWedgefield, SC 291681141 / 1102bid not available yetRequested
12731002019-CP-43-00901Sumter, SC2/3/20201375 Kings Pointe DriveSumter, SC 291541126 / 3321bid not available yetWaived
12733932019-CP-43-00849Sumter, SC2/3/2020226 Lawrence StreetSumter, SC 291501142 / 2264$52,000.00Waived
12115772017-CP-43-00786Sumter, SC2/3/20202120 Sans Souci RoadSumter, SC 291541097 / 2333bid not available yetRequested
12805652019-CP-43-01523Sumter, SC2/3/2020925 Cormier DriveSumter, SC 291541219 / 3103$170,622.00Waived
12770142019-CP-46-02181York, SC2/3/20201720 Legion RoadHickory Grove, SC 29717RB 16258 / 394bid not available yetWaived
12837032019-CP-40-05003Richland, SC2/3/202018 Ben Brush CourtColumbia, SC 292291950 / 268bid not available yetWaived
12849632019-CP-40-05123Richland, SC2/3/2020133 Chatham TraceColumbia, SC 292291851 / 1911bid not available yetWaived
12828882019-CP-40-04489Richland, SC2/3/2020110 Melstone DriveHopkins, SC 29061R 2309 / 3652bid not available yetWaived
12803312019-CP-40-05019Richland, SC2/3/20201400 Cactus AvenueColumbia, SC 29210R 2155 / 1829bid not available yetWaived
11454412013-CP-40-07636Richland, SC2/3/2020413 West Campanella DriveColumbia, SC 292031002 / 1167bid not available yetWaived
12415392018-CP-40-02344Richland, SC2/3/20207849 Edgewater DriveColumbia, SC 29223R 2223 / 153bid not available yetWaived
12439112018-CP-40-02959Richland, SC2/3/202013 Canvasback CourtBlythewood, SC 29016R 1617 / 229$128,000.00Waived
12692722019-CP-21-02211Florence, SC2/4/20202109 Barnwell DriveFlorence, SC 29501A 783 / 1027$36,000.00Waived
12646662019-CP-21-01352Florence, SC2/4/2020409 E Suena DriveFlorence, SC 29505B 055 / 140bid not available yetWaived
12786442019-CP-21-01937Florence, SC2/4/20201854 Devonshire DriveFlorence, SC 29505B 706 / 0309bid not available yetWaived
12781842019-CP-18-01333Dorchester, SC2/4/2020100 Louise CourtLadson, SC 294565405 / 244$85,800.00Requested
12309052018-CP-18-00912Dorchester, SC2/4/2020121 Bobby DriveRidgeville, SC 294721814 / 240bid not available yetWaived
12855742019-CP-18-01721Dorchester, SC2/4/2020128 Ducane StreetSummerville, SC 294839822 / 273bid not available yetWaived
12234392017-CP-10-05972Charleston, SC2/4/20204124 Blue Cross LaneJohns Island, SC 29455P 528 / 214bid not available yetRequested
12244522017-CP-10-05935Charleston, SC2/4/20205037 France AvenueNorth Charleston, SC 294050536 / 305bid not available yetWaived
12807422019-CP-10-04027Charleston, SC2/4/20201639 Indaba WayCharleston, SC 294140130 / 631bid not available yetRequested
12835442019-CP-10-04550Charleston, SC2/4/20208163 Shadow Oak DriveNorth Charleston, SC 294060435 / 041bid not available yetWaived
12351262018-CP-04-00432Anderson, SC2/4/2020128 Gallant LaneAnderson, SC 2962112557 / 185$136,000.00Requested
12832072019-CP-04-01634Anderson, SC2/4/2020318 Elaine WayWilliamston, SC 2969713411 / 00062$74,800.00Waived
12784412019-CP-04-01228Anderson, SC2/4/2020215 Centerville RoadAnderson, SC 2962512473 / 181bid not available yetWaived
12667522019-CP-10-00885Charleston, SC2/4/20202436 Kings Gate Lane, Unit 504Mount Pleasant, SC 294660535 / 348bid not available yetWaived
12612022019-CP-10-00022Charleston, SC2/4/20201171 Shoreham RoadCharleston, SC 29412O 563 / 108bid not available yetWaived
12595532018-CP-10-05704Charleston, SC2/4/20202018 Alton StreetCharleston, SC 29406M 554 / 584bid not available yetWaived
12779562019-CP-08-01730Berkeley, SC2/5/2020158 Mayfield DriveGoose Creek, SC 29445Volume 7517 / 29$142,884.69Requested
12639262019-CP-02-00353Aiken, SC3/2/2020219 Sudlow Ridge RoadNorth Augusta, SC 29841Volume 3653 / 87bid not available yetRequested
12720542019-CP-16-00409Darlington, SC3/2/20201976 Harry Byrd HighwayDarlington, SC 295321047 / 8482$187,200.00Requested
12867072019-CP-11-00716Cherokee, SC3/2/20202889 Chesnee HighwayGaffney, SC 29341Volume 98 / 1202bid not available yetWaived
12494492018-CP-11-00523Cherokee, SC3/2/20201110 Oak Ridge RoadGaffney, SC 29341Volume 98 / 1056$82,400.00Waived
12715472016-CP-13-00563Chesterfield, SC3/2/2020226 Ouslevdale RoadPatrick, SC 29584367 / 843bid not available yetWaived
12867052019-CP-13-00792Chesterfield, SC3/2/2020412 West Blakeney StreetPageland, SC 29728Volume 489 / 568bid not available yetWaived
12852452019-CP-24-01091Greenwood, SC3/2/20202421 Main St SGreenwood, SC 296461619 / 116bid not available yetRequested
12746952019-CP-24-00588Greenwood, SC3/2/2020105 Chad DriveNinety Six, SC 296661577 / 262bid not available yetWaived
12599522018-CP-24-01114Greenwood, SC3/2/2020120 East Laurel AvenueGreenwood, SC 296492855 / 208bid not available yetWaived
12413172019-CP-23-04270Greenville, SC3/2/20204963 Vineyard LaneGreenville, SC 29615MO 4594 / 1378bid not available yetRequested
12753532019-CP-23-03080Greenville, SC3/2/2020223 Spring Park RoadMarietta, SC 29661MO 4992 / 1649bid not available yetWaived
12821162019-CP-32-03178Lexington, SC3/2/2020661 Deertrack RunLexington, SC 2907317755 / 132bid not available yetWaived
12876512019-CP-28-01024Kershaw, SC3/2/20201214 Belton CourtCamden, SC 290202171 / 108bid not available yetWaived
12853892019-CP-32-03682Lexington, SC3/2/2020720 Holm Oak RoadLexington, SC 2907317599 / 93bid not available yetWaived
12295902017-CP-32-04442Lexington, SC3/2/2020245 Skylight DriveWest Columbia, SC 291704988 / 22$199,900.00Waived
11688762015-CP-32-01199Lexington, SC3/2/2020200 Woodwind West DriveColumbia, SC 292125239 / 325$121,873.00Waived
12643642019-CP-32-00733Lexington, SC3/2/20201137 Starcrest RoadWest Columbia, SC 2917212626 / 222bid not available yetWaived
12740092019-CP-31-00137Lee, SC3/2/2020918 Back Swamp RoadLynchburg, SC 29080441 / 42bid not available yetWaived
11453622009-CP-28-01291Kershaw, SC3/2/20201227 Lockhart RoadCamden, SC 290201121 / 112$45,721.64Waived
12827182019-CP-28-00902Kershaw, SC3/2/2020832 Cottesmore LaneCamden, SC 29020Volume 3431 / 70bid not available yetWaived
12399602018-CP-26-02486Horry, SC3/2/20204030 Halyard WayMyrtle Beach, SC 295794441 / 261bid not available yetWaived
11825572012-CP-26-04651Horry, SC3/2/2020709 Sanibel CircleMyrtle Beach, SC 295884376 / 5bid not available yetWaived
12798762019-CP-26-04537Horry, SC3/2/2020995 Henry James DriveMyrtle Beach, SC 295795545 / 3385bid not available yetWaived
12803172019-CP-26-04892Horry, SC3/2/20204544 Long Branch RoadConway, SC 295265256 / 1976bid not available yetWaived
12640462019-CP-26-00671Horry, SC3/2/20202628 Woodcreek LaneConway, SC 295275783 / 1902bid not available yetWaived
12535922018-CP-40-05260Richland, SC3/2/2020318 Curvewood RoadColumbia, SC 292291579 / 121bid not available yetWaived
12625152019-CP-40-00098Richland, SC3/2/2020218 Cogburn RoadColumbia, SC 29229R 1527 / 2114bid not available yetWaived
12778422019-CP-42-02497Spartanburg, SC3/2/2020600 Seminole DriveUna, SC 293781911 / 363bid not available yetWaived
12600072018-CP-40-06276Richland, SC3/2/20201220 North East Miles RoadBlythewood, SC 290162119 / 218bid not available yetWaived
12344182018-CP-40-01048Richland, SC3/2/2020124 Gatlin DriveHopkins, SC 2906101054 / 3211$42,300.00Waived
12344192018-CP-40-01047Richland, SC3/2/20202821 Wales RoadColumbia, SC 292231261 / 2056bid not available yetWaived
12490452018-CP-40-04368Richland, SC3/2/2020468 Bunting DriveColumbia, SC 292292016 / 1467bid not available yetWaived
12749892019-CP-40-02875Richland, SC3/2/20205200 Burke AvenueColumbia, SC 292030875 / 3335bid not available yetWaived
12747412017-CP-40-06702Richland, SC3/2/202027 Sierra CourtColumbia, SC 292041576 / 2259bid not available yetWaived
12777192019-CP-40-03710Richland, SC3/2/2020512 Ridge Trail DriveColumbia, SC 29229R 2209 / 2154bid not available yetWaived
12778392019-CP-40-03685Richland, SC3/2/2020309 Glen Knoll DriveColumbia, SC 29229R 1064 / 1398bid not available yetWaived
12846942019-CP-40-04831Richland, SC3/2/202043 Polo Ridge CircleColumbia, SC 292231648 / 1321bid not available yetRequested
12800742019-CP-46-02594York, SC3/2/20204611 Yarrow StreetRock Hill, SC 29732RB 16982 / 424bid not available yetWaived
12789922019-CP-46-03097York, SC3/2/2020124 Creekside DriveFort Mill, SC 297157123 / 224bid not available yetRequested
12809932019-CP-46-02570York, SC3/2/20206460 Boulder DriveYork, SC 297452696 / 315bid not available yetWaived
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