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Case No.Case Docket#CountySale DateProperty AddressProperty CSZDeed of Trust Book/PageBid AmountDeficiency
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11846742014-CP-36-00261Newberry, SC4/1/2019108 Mendenhall RoadNewberry, SC 29108-7153886 / 246$79,900.70Waived
11847032012-CP-38-01295Orangeburg, SC4/1/2019635 Peake StreetHolly Hill, SC 29059308 / 324bid not available yetWaived
11852172018-CP-33-00161Marion, SC4/1/2019119 Northside AvenueMullins, SC 29574759 / 175bid not available yetWaived
11889102009-CP-32-00929Lexington, SC4/1/20197445 Irmo DriveColumbia, SC 29212-863612150 / 249$97,100.00Waived
11965112017-CP-07-01064Beaufort, SC4/1/2019221 Callawassie DriveOkatie, SC 299093402 / 2110bid not available yetWaived
12162902016-CP-46-00922York, SC4/1/20191201 Blanton RoadSharon, SC 2974212441 / 256bid not available yetWaived
12163012016-CP-32-01973Lexington, SC4/1/2019159 McLee RoadLexington, SC 2907314976 / 109bid not available yetWaived
12166732017-CP-42-02283Spartanburg, SC4/1/20194250 New Cut RoadInman, SC 293492589 / 811bid not available yetRequested
12169652017-CP-23-04900Greenville, SC4/1/2019202 Pine Valley RoadPiedmont, SC 296734424 / 505bid not available yetWaived
12174472018-CP-30-00726Laurens, SC4/1/2019119 Fielding LaneFountain Inn, SC 29644662 / 1bid not available yetWaived
12192242017-CP-43-01491Sumter, SC4/1/20191063 Nottingham RoadSumter, SC 291531203 / 1770bid not available yetWaived
12235872018-CP-33-00240Marion, SC4/1/2019715 McEachern HeightsMarion, SC 29571828 / 246$6,200.00Waived
12237992017-CP-40-06244Richland, SC4/1/2019315 Green Rose RoadColumbia, SC 29229R 2084 / 3926bid not available yetWaived
12162542016-CP-40-06840Richland, SC4/1/20198022 Springbrook RoadColumbia, SC 292231804 / 1652bid not available yetWaived
12244072017-CP-07-02016Beaufort, SC4/1/20196 Lucerne AvenueBeaufort, SC 299073174 / 1536bid not available yetWaived
12249932017-CP-42-04244Spartanburg, SC4/1/20193007 Retha DriveSpartanburg, SC 293031993 / 454bid not available yetWaived
12266102018-CP-40-00849Richland, SC4/1/20199 Ocelot TrailColumbia, SC 29203R 1587 / 1894bid not available yetWaived
12266922017-CP-40-06891Richland, SC4/1/20191808 Nunamaker DriveColumbia, SC 29210R1180 / 2111$58,800.00Requested
12284092018-CP-22-00255Georgetown, SC4/1/2019412 Orange StreetGeorgetown, SC 29440263 / 339$38,000.00Waived
12295902017-CP-32-04442Lexington, SC4/1/2019245 Skylight DriveWest Columbia, SC 291704988 / 22bid not available yetWaived
12333352018-CP-02-00583Aiken, SC4/1/2019801 Wrights Mill RoadAiken, SC 29801Volume 3740 / 199$93,394.92Requested
12335972018-CP-20-00050Fairfield, SC4/1/201913647 State Highway 215 SouthJenkinsville, SC 29065835 / 153bid not available yetWaived
12338772018-CP-28-00129Kershaw, SC4/1/201911 Kentucky Derby CourtLugoff, SC 29078Volume 3697 / 5bid not available yetWaived
12360582018-CP-40-02157Richland, SC4/1/20191235 Johnson AvenueColumbia, SC 2920300784 / 2436bid not available yetWaived
12367352018-CP-24-00214Greenwood, SC4/1/20191001E Grumling RoadHodges, SC 296531526 / 250$39,100.00Waived
12375972016-CP-46-01051York, SC4/1/20197127 Meyer RoadFort Mill, SC 2971511619 / 217bid not available yetWaived
12376872018-CP-15-00205Colleton, SC4/1/2019317 Warren StreetWalterboro, SC 29488Volume 1689 / 227$118,400.00Waived
12383512018-CP-23-02044Greenville, SC4/1/20192 Deep Springs WaySimpsonville, SC 296814318 / 1468bid not available yetWaived
12408092018-CP-37-00296Oconee, SC4/1/2019616 Providence Point DriveSeneca, SC 296783554 / 142bid not available yetWaived
12415312018-CP-26-03058Horry, SC4/1/20191088 Weslin Creek DriveMyrtle Beach, SC 295885648 / 1075bid not available yetWaived
12416932018-CP-32-01749Lexington, SC4/1/2019172 Cannon Dale RoadColumbia, SC 2921211192 / 196bid not available yetWaived
12418462018-CP-40-05743Richland, SC4/1/20198028 Edgewater DriveColumbia, SC 29223R 1376 / 2944$92,400.00Waived
12421412018-CP-38-00556Orangeburg, SC4/1/20191541 Sifly RoadOrangeburg, SC 291181167 / 155$51,900.00Requested
12424712018-CP-43-01017Sumter, SC4/1/20195050 Ridge StreetDalzell, SC 29040945 / 1557$76,234.00Waived
12435172018-CP-26-03394Horry, SC4/1/20194536 Livorn LoopMyrtle Beach, SC 295795876 / 1571bid not available yetWaived
12443242018-CP-32-01993Lexington, SC4/1/2019118 Sandy Ridge RoadSwansea, SC 291607550 / 90$25,900.00Requested
12448342018-CP-40-05325Richland, SC4/1/20192532 Windy DriveColumbia, SC 2920900051 / 00080bid not available yetWaived
12449032018-CP-40-04845Richland, SC4/1/2019900 South Stadium Drive, Unit S704Columbia, SC 29201R 1438 / 255$189,000.00Waived
12451592018-CP-28-00551Kershaw, SC4/1/2019506 Loblolly RoadElgin, SC 290452256 / 245bid not available yetWaived
12456492018-CP-13-00430Chesterfield, SC4/1/201946 Meeting StreetCheraw, SC 29520Volume 488 / 1194bid not available yetWaived
12457062018-CP-22-00598Georgetown, SC4/1/20194840 Moss Creek LoopMurrells Inlet, SC 295762789 / 138bid not available yetWaived
12459012018-CP-30-00812Laurens, SC4/1/2019509 Country Gardens DriveFountain Inn, SC 296442168 / 213$105,400.00Requested
12459292018-CP-26-04245Horry, SC4/1/2019704 Waccamaw River RoadMyrtle Beach, SC 295884923 / 475$165,360.00Waived
12461022018-CP-14-00284Clarendon, SC4/1/20195218 Wash Davis RoadSummerton, SC 29148715 / 126bid not available yetWaived
12463792018-CP-11-00434Cherokee, SC4/1/2019200 Saddle DriveGaffney, SC 29340Volume 13 / 2376$38,400.00Waived
12469602018-CP-23-03219Greenville, SC4/1/2019106 Elmhaven DriveSimpsonville, SC 29681MO 5369 / 1929bid not available yetWaived
12469692018-CP-02-02931Aiken, SC4/1/2019508 Greenwich DriveAiken, SC 29803RB 4465 / 1823bid not available yetWaived
12469762018-CP-43-01331Sumter, SC4/1/20193595 Green View ParkwaySumter, SC 291501221 / 5233bid not available yetWaived
12469852016-CP-32-01712Lexington, SC4/1/2019275 Grandflora LaneColumbia, SC 2921215628 / 112bid not available yetWaived
12469982016-CP-27-00260Jasper, SC4/1/201915 Okatie Park Circle EastRidgeland, SC 29936828 / 282bid not available yetWaived
12470102017-CP-32-01439Lexington, SC4/1/2019633 Boyscout RoadGaston, SC 2905314026 / 225bid not available yetWaived
12470362018-CP-40-00826Richland, SC4/1/20191216 Northeast Miles RoadBlythewood, SC 29016R 2065 / 3950bid not available yetWaived
12470392016-CP-42-04212Spartanburg, SC4/1/2019268 Harlequin DriveMoore, SC 293695000 / 259bid not available yetWaived
12470612017-CP-23-03051Greenville, SC4/1/201914 Magnolia Crest DriveSimpsonville, SC 29681MO 5267 / 308bid not available yetWaived
12475332018-CP-24-00666Greenwood, SC4/1/2019403 Piedmont AvenueGreenwood, SC 296462142 / 14$35,920.00Requested
12476322018-CP-43-01411Sumter, SC4/1/20192891 Dalzell StreetDalzell, SC 290401142 / 1549$32,000.00Waived
12486492018-CP-02-01848Aiken, SC4/1/20192003 Curtis DriveNorth Augusta, SC 29841RB 4500 / 85$108,000.00Waived
12484372018-CP-42-02869Spartanburg, SC4/1/2019268 Stone Crest DriveRoebuck, SC 293765070 / 671bid not available yetWaived
12495042018-CP-40-04402Richland, SC4/1/2019518 Patterdale LaneBlythewood, SC 290162005 / 1517bid not available yetWaived
12523412018-CP-30-00646Laurens, SC4/1/2019523 Lake RoadWare Shoals, SC 29692M 2386 / 99bid not available yetWaived
12543002018-CP-24-01142Greenwood, SC4/1/2019110 South Pond CourtGreenwood, SC 296492034 / 76$120,400.00Requested
12543422018-CP-40-04856Richland, SC4/1/2019208 East Waverly Place CourtColumbia, SC 292292014 / 886bid not available yetWaived
12546112018-CP-40-04998Richland, SC4/1/201921 Oak Hollow CourtColumbia, SC 292092000 / 3800bid not available yetWaived
12553362018-CP-07-02071Beaufort, SC4/1/201941 Pennyroyal WayBeaufort, SC 299063607 / 283bid not available yetWaived
12552642018-CP-38-00359Orangeburg, SC4/1/2019491 Bowman Branch HighwayBowman, SC 290181938 / 203bid not available yetWaived
12553762018-CP-11-00638Cherokee, SC4/1/20191621 Shelby HighwayBlackburg, SC 29702876 / 340$60,720.00Waived
12554982018-CP-46-03025York, SC4/1/2019336 Masters DriveRock Hill, SC 2973208719 / 00236bid not available yetRequested
12554992018-CP-43-01867Sumter, SC4/1/20191282 North Main StreetSumter, SC 291531192 / 2525$95,850.35Waived
12555792018-CP-38-01398Orangeburg, SC4/1/20194143 Columbia RoadOrangeburg, SC 291181858 / 158$153,000.00Waived
12562992018-CP-46-02984York, SC4/1/2019201 McClain StreetYork, SC 297456774 / 138$39,000.00Requested
12565652018-CP-40-05452Richland, SC4/1/2019208 Branch Hill DriveElgin, SC 290451273 / 1282$100,000.00Waived
12572632018-CP-37-00664Oconee, SC4/1/2019123 East Reedy Fork RoadSeneca, SC 296783583 / 269bid not available yetWaived
12575022018-CP-30-00795Laurens, SC4/1/2019206 Harvest LaneFountain Inn, SC 29644M 2312 / 272$64,000.00Waived
12576362018-CP-02-01252Aiken, SC4/1/20191005 Brookhaven DriveAiken, SC 298034588 / 2044bid not available yetWaived
12574242018-CP-24-00950Greenwood, SC4/1/20192023 Callison HighwayTroy, SC 298483039 / 85bid not available yetWaived
12580432018-CP-07-02139Beaufort, SC4/1/2019380 Marshland RoadHilton Head Island, SC 299262586 / 342bid not available yetWaived
12580402018-CP-07-02160Beaufort, SC4/1/201923 Irongate DriveBeaufort, SC 299062996 / 1483bid not available yetWaived
12581262018-CP-40-05554Richland, SC4/1/20191049 Buttercup CircleBlythewood, SC 290162212 / 12bid not available yetWaived
12585052018-CP-46-03333York, SC4/1/2019612 Bancroft DriveRock Hill, SC 29730Volume 15782 / 88bid not available yetWaived
12596802018-CP-15-00972Colleton, SC4/1/2019105 Iris DriveWalterboro, SC 294882220 / 291bid not available yetWaived
12607962018-CP-43-02172Sumter, SC4/1/2019125 Burkett DriveSumter, SC 291501243 / 493$112,000.00Waived
12569342018-CP-41-00205Saluda, SC4/2/2019112 Bomar StreetRidge Spring, SC 29129Volume 1153 / 139bid not available yetWaived
12501012018-CP-04-01717Anderson, SC4/2/2019209 Deer Trot AvenueBelton, SC 296276975 / 1bid not available yetWaived
12460132018-CP-21-02061Florence, SC4/2/20193245 South Brandy CircleFlorence, SC 29505A 973 / 1342bid not available yetRequested
12435142018-CP-10-02787Charleston, SC4/2/2019822 5th AvenueCharleston, SC 294070246 / 251bid not available yetWaived
12413962018-CP-04-00859Anderson, SC4/2/2019113 Dogwood DriveBelton, SC 2962711556 / 00155$127,160.00Waived
12405052018-CP-18-01177Dorchester, SC4/2/2019109 Chalmers CourtSummerville, SC 294853585 / 001bid not available yetWaived
12391962018-CP-21-00949Florence, SC4/2/2019204 Equestrian CourtFlorence, SC 29505B 639 / 647bid not available yetWaived
12266192018-CP-21-00067Florence, SC4/2/20193407 McKenzie RoadLake City, SC 29560B 643 / 838bid not available yetWaived
12241992017-CP-21-02797Florence, SC4/2/2019404 Edenderry WayFlorence, SC 29501B 457 / 1bid not available yetWaived
12163032015-CP-18-01883Dorchester, SC4/2/20194075 Cedars Parkway Apt. FCharleston, SC 294208068 / 84bid not available yetWaived
12095172017-CP-04-00730Anderson, SC4/2/20192805 Highway 86Piedmont, SC 2967311486 / 1bid not available yetWaived
12073372017-CP-21-00880Florence, SC4/2/2019404 Chippenham LaneFlorence, SC 29501B548 / 1187$104,000.00Waived
11533072018-CP-10-03363Charleston, SC4/2/20197623 Hillendale RoadNorth Charleston, SC 29420X 155 / 410bid not available yetWaived
12162812017-CP-08-01588Berkeley, SC4/3/20191139 Langdoc StreetMoncks Corner, SC 29461Volume 9614 / 54bid not available yetWaived
12417572018-CP-08-00843Berkeley, SC4/3/2019117 Persimmon CircleGoose Creek, SC 29445RB 2069 / 755bid not available yetWaived
12471452018-CP-08-01703Berkeley, SC4/3/2019309 Bradley Bend DriveMoncks Corner, SC 29461RB 2461 / 127bid not available yetWaived
12580352018-CP-08-02154Berkeley, SC5/1/2019579 English Oak CircleMoncks Corner, SC 29461Volume 8896 / 152bid not available yetWaived
12414532018-CP-08-00816Berkeley, SC5/1/2019398 Furman LaneLadson, SC 29456RB 2177 / 239bid not available yetWaived
12333532018-CP-08-00257Berkeley, SC5/1/2019114 Lucy DriveGoose Creek, SC 29445Volume 7022 / 183bid not available yetWaived
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