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Case No.Case Docket#CountySale DateProperty AddressProperty CSZDeed of Trust Book/PageBid AmountDeficiency
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12501012018-CP-04-01717Anderson, SC9/3/2019209 Deer Trot AvenueBelton, SC 296276975 / 1$361,800.00Waived
12552372018-CP-04-01993Anderson, SC9/3/2019101 King Cove DriveAnderson, SC 2962107165 / 00209$340,000.00Requested
12136422017-CP-04-01055Anderson, SC9/3/2019130 Topsail DriveAnderson, SC 296257053 / 92bid not available yetWaived
12673582019-CP-02-00512Aiken, SC9/3/201938 Key Plantation RoadWarrenville, SC 29851RB 4449 / 623bid not available yetWaived
12625982019-CP-04-00041Anderson, SC9/3/20192001 Linda DriveAnderson, SC 2962609061 / 00253$24,000.00Waived
11854762018-CP-06-00216Barnwell, SC9/3/2019761 Jordan RoadBarnwell, SC 29812749 / 253bid not available yetWaived
12332132018-CP-07-00375Beaufort, SC9/3/20192569 Azalea DriveBeaufort, SC 299023496 / 632bid not available yetWaived
11825582012-CP-07-01466Beaufort, SC9/3/201911 Jillfer LaneBluffton, SC 2991001396 / 1470$140,000.00Waived
12407862019-CP-07-01040Beaufort, SC9/3/201911 Mulrain WayBluffton, SC 2991002470 / 2076$281,580.00Requested
12523372018-CP-10-04294Charleston, SC9/3/20192425 Wagner Creek CourtMount Pleasant, SC 29466660 / 177bid not available yetRequested
12469722018-CP-10-01089Charleston, SC9/3/20198750 Deerwood DriveNorth Charleston, SC 294060332 / 369bid not available yetWaived
12238642018-CP-10-04518Charleston, SC9/3/20196322 Brandt StreetCharleston, SC 29406C 534 / 386$89,000.00Waived
12240192017-CP-10-05111Charleston, SC9/3/20197691 High Maple CircleNorth Charleston, SC 294180581 / 461bid not available yetWaived
12030652017-CP-10-00868Charleston, SC9/3/20192553 Etiwan AvenueCharleston, SC 294140122 / 300bid not available yetWaived
12559232019-CP-16-00074Darlington, SC9/3/2019107 Spring Heights CircleDarlington, SC 295321081 / 4242bid not available yetWaived
12501142018-CP-18-01499Dorchester, SC9/3/2019144 Robert DriveLadson, SC 294564930 / 1$129,279.47Requested
12351172018-CP-18-00894Dorchester, SC9/3/20194213 Sawgrass DriveNorth Charleston, SC 294209983 / 96$536,239.00Waived
11754882016-CP-18-00395Dorchester, SC9/3/20191000 Waterside Landing WaySummerville, SC 294859463 / 142$168,000.00Waived
11991442014-CP-21-03569Florence, SC9/3/20193559 Cummings RoadTimmonsville, SC 29161B354 / 547$117,466.14Waived
12639082019-CP-18-00469Dorchester, SC9/3/20194849 Gilpen CourtSummerville, SC 29485RB 10176 / 13bid not available yetWaived
12677782019-CP-18-00414Dorchester, SC9/3/20191035 Lexi CourtLadson, SC 29456RB 11286 / 176bid not available yetWaived
12257202018-CP-21-02243Florence, SC9/3/20191407 Buckingham RoadFlorence, SC 29506B072 / 1606$38,000.00Waived
12626472019-CP-21-00099Florence, SC9/3/20194213 Rodanthe CircleFlorence, SC 29501740 / 651$279,900.00Waived
12642672019-CP-21-00284Florence, SC9/3/20193005 Savannah Grove RoadEffingham, SC 29541B 502 / 1734$21,800.00Waived
12647392019-CP-21-00375Florence, SC9/3/2019803 North Brunson StreetFlorence, SC 29506B 121 / 1409bid not available yetWaived
12286242018-CP-21-00664Florence, SC9/3/2019212 Wildwood DriveQuinby, SC 29506B 405 / 940bid not available yetWaived
12715452018-CP-21-01524Florence, SC9/3/2019347 Laurel LaneFlorence, SC 29506B449 / 0001bid not available yetRequested
12695452019-CP-22-00323Georgetown, SC9/3/2019171 Alston RoadPawleys Island, SC 295853294 / 64bid not available yetWaived
12162952017-CP-22-00546Georgetown, SC9/3/20191428 Powell RoadGeorgetown, SC 294401824 / 69bid not available yetWaived
12339252018-CP-23-01122Greenville, SC9/3/2019458 Woodville RoadPelzer, SC 296694103 / 1787bid not available yetWaived
12678042019-CP-23-01113Greenville, SC9/3/20193 North Kings DriveFountain Inn, SC 296444078 / 763bid not available yetWaived
12664822019-CP-23-02044Greenville, SC9/3/2019118 Clearview AvenueGreenville, SC 296054142 / 683$87,000.00Waived
12639972019-CP-23-00556Greenville, SC9/3/2019127 Riverdale RoadSimpsonville, SC 29680MO 5393 / 58bid not available yetWaived
12634542019-CP-23-00496Greenville, SC9/3/201924 Granite LaneGreenville, 29607MO 5291 / 5798bid not available yetWaived
12635322019-CP-23-00770Greenville, SC9/3/20194 Piney Woods LaneGreenville, SC 296054161 / 1724bid not available yetWaived
12698722019-CP-23-01431Greenville, SC9/3/2019102 Bittern CourtSimpsonville, SC 29680MO 5445 / 3986bid not available yetWaived
12697252019-CP-23-01642Greenville, SC9/3/2019212 Chevy Chase BoulevardPelzer, SC 296693273 / 887$42,570.30Requested
12590122018-CP-23-05808Greenville, SC9/3/20191514 Bramlett RoadGreenville, SC 296114030 / 1523bid not available yetRequested
12543002018-CP-24-01142Greenwood, SC9/3/2019110 South Pond CourtGreenwood, SC 296492034 / 76bid not available yetRequested
12731762019-CP-25-00163Hampton, SC9/3/201947 Center Point DriveYemassee, SC 29945556 / 97bid not available yetWaived
12665732019-CP-25-00058Hampton, SC9/3/2019105 Middle Street EastHampton, SC 29924578 / 1bid not available yetWaived
12632812019-CP-28-00038Kershaw, SC9/3/2019105 Spring StreetBethune, SC 29009Volume 3712 / 269bid not available yetWaived
12375842018-CP-29-00228Lancaster, SC9/3/20194434 Carrington DriveLancaster, SC 297202931 / 118bid not available yetWaived
12504502018-CP-29-01116Lancaster, SC9/3/2019676 Fickling DriveLancaster, SC 297201673 / 116$118,560.00Requested
12470192016-CP-30-00961Laurens, SC9/3/2019105 Welcome DriveFountain Inn, SC 296442043 / 186$68,000.00Waived
12696732019-CP-32-01289Lexington, SC9/3/2019373 State Pond RoadGaston, SC 2905319580 / 5bid not available yetWaived
12716802019-CP-32-01521Lexington, SC9/3/2019895 Bentley DriveLexington, SC 2907216413 / 141bid not available yetWaived
12670192019-CP-32-00819Lexington, SC9/3/2019553 Summerwind CourtPelion, SC 2912319150 / 246bid not available yetWaived
12647822019-CP-32-00708Lexington, SC9/3/2019160 Hunter DriveChapin, SC 2903615393 / 93bid not available yetWaived
12635832019-CP-32-00709Lexington, SC9/3/2019193 Dove Trace DriveWest Columbia, SC 2917016705 / 201bid not available yetWaived
12634562019-CP-32-00300Lexington, SC9/3/2019405 Elmhurst CourtLexington, SC 2907219510 / 138bid not available yetWaived
12612922019-CP-32-00033Lexington, SC9/3/20193643 Harrogate RoadColumbia, SC 2921017502 / 124$55,200.00Waived
12592992018-CP-32-04297Lexington, SC9/3/20191517 Coolbrook DriveWest Columbia, SC 2917210512 / 345bid not available yetWaived
12475882018-CP-32-02477Lexington, SC9/3/2019172 White Cedar WayLexington, SC 2907316196 / 3bid not available yetWaived
12482542018-CP-32-02646Lexington, SC9/3/2019450 Henslowe LaneWest Columbia, SC 2917017295 / 26bid not available yetWaived
12649042019-CP-33-00126Marion, SC9/3/2019703 Oliver StreetMarion, SC 29571Volume 293 / 202bid not available yetWaived
12707332019-CP-33-00244Marion, SC9/3/20193408 Bluff RoadMullins, SC 29574761 / 33$22,800.00Waived
12581932018-CP-36-00502Newberry, SC9/3/2019206 Elm StreetProsperity, SC 2912701435 / 00204$122,400.00Waived
11846742014-CP-36-00261Newberry, SC9/3/2019108 Mendenhall RoadNewberry, SC 29108-7153886 / 246$76,409.12Waived
12408092018-CP-37-00296Oconee, SC9/3/2019616 Providence Point DriveSeneca, SC 296783554 / 142bid not available yetWaived
12698712019-CP-39-00638Pickens, SC9/3/2019147 NY Way DrivePickens, SC 296712469 / 307bid not available yetWaived
12642642019-CP-39-00138Pickens, SC9/3/2019182 Duncan RoadEasley, SC 296403795 / 52$30,000.00Waived
12571882018-CP-42-03985Spartanburg, SC9/3/2019432 Lucerne DriveSpartanburg, SC 293024567 / 791$70,400.00Waived
12659052019-CP-41-00068Saluda, SC9/3/2019178 Artemus RoadWard, SC 29166673 / 196$20,000.00Waived
12369532018-CP-38-01334Orangeburg, SC9/3/20191136 Lakeshore DriveOrangeburg, SC 291151703 / 310bid not available yetWaived
12681442019-CP-44-00059Union, SC9/3/2019259 Harris StreetJonesville, SC 29353228 / 222$10,800.00Requested
12632702019-CP-46-01194York, SC9/3/2019945 Generation LaneClover, SC 297105610 / 71$50,501.12Waived
12665772019-CP-46-00587York, SC9/3/20192408 Sutton SpringsYork, SC 297458321 / 300bid not available yetRequested
12483122018-CP-46-02613York, SC9/3/20191432 Eden TerraceRock Hill, SC 29730Volume 12196 / 118bid not available yetWaived
12571372019-CP-46-01001York, SC9/3/2019509 Dayton RoadRock Hill, SC 297328818 / 103$148,336.11Requested
12565762018-CP-46-03035York, SC9/3/2019736 Rock Castle DriveYork, SC 297458620 / 266$104,868.88Waived
12185292017-CP-40-04503Richland, SC9/3/2019280 Birchfield DriveColumbia, SC 29203R 1692 / 3544$144,566.00Waived
12263852017-CP-40-07503Richland, SC9/3/2019938 Bakersfield RoadColumbia, SC 292101150 / 843$77,000.00Waived
11885992016-CP-40-00410Richland, SC9/3/2019303 Stallion DriveElgin, SC 29045-96971210 / 676$54,290.00Waived
12503662018-CP-40-04660Richland, SC9/3/2019119 Boulters Lock RoadIrmo, SC 29063R 1741 / 1672bid not available yetWaived
12488042018-CP-40-04087Richland, SC9/3/2019829 Ohio StreetColumbia, SC 29201M 1828 / 548$4,800.00Requested
12482302019-CP-40-01913Richland, SC9/3/2019530 Crawfish LaneIrmo, SC 29063R 2249 / 88bid not available yetRequested
12442142018-CP-40-02978Richland, SC9/3/201910 Jackson Mill CourtHopkins, SC 290611763 / 2065bid not available yetWaived
12471522018-CP-40-03693Richland, SC9/3/2019321 North Donar DriveColumbia, SC 29229R 2175 / 1377bid not available yetWaived
12595552018-CP-40-06218Richland, SC9/3/20196905 Cleaton Road E-126Columbia, SC 2920600787 / 2800$33,300.00Requested
12685862019-CP-40-01335Richland, SC9/3/2019312 Trowbridge RoadColumbia, SC 29229R 1754 / 3228$100,860.00Waived
12676632019-CP-40-01318Richland, SC9/3/2019404 North Royal Tower DriveIrmo, SC 290631262 / 3658bid not available yetWaived
12636892019-CP-40-01056Richland, SC9/3/2019707 Rosedale ArchColumbia, SC 29203R 1370 / 1914bid not available yetRequested
12696682019-CP-40-01818Richland, SC9/3/2019148 Rabon Springs RoadColumbia, SC 292231937 / 2849bid not available yetWaived
12578192018-CP-08-02197Berkeley, SC9/4/2019142 Mellard DriveGoose Creek, SC 2944503875 / 00023bid not available yetRequested
12030422017-CP-08-00492Berkeley, SC9/4/20191232 Island Club DriveCharleston, SC 29492Volume 8909 / 321bid not available yetWaived
12086312017-CP-08-02283Berkeley, SC9/4/20191630 Royle RoadSummerville, SC 294863014 / 193$87,481.60Waived
12727522019-CP-04-00799Anderson, SC10/1/2019211 Washington StreetAnderson, SC 296248202 / 116bid not available yetRequested
12644982019-CP-04-00388Anderson, SC10/1/2019108 Sharon HeightsLiberty, SC 296578282 / 100bid not available yetWaived
12283522017-CP-04-01308Anderson, SC10/1/2019315 Fairplay RoadTownville, SC 296896596 / 66bid not available yetRequested
12604002018-CP-18-02132Dorchester, SC10/1/20199846 Black Tupelo LaneLadson, SC 2945610739 / 228bid not available yetWaived
12619482019-CP-18-00327Dorchester, SC10/1/20195015 Blair RoadSummerville, SC 294837385 / 221bid not available yetRequested
12470592017-CP-18-00877Dorchester, SC10/1/20195116 Blair RoadSummerville, SC 294839793 / 44$247,107.00Waived
12720592019-CP-17-00199Dillon, SC10/1/2019300 South 3rd AvenueDillon, SC 29536599 / 201bid not available yetRequested
12698652019-CP-18-00627Dorchester, SC10/1/2019401 Sunnyside Way Unit DSummerville, SC 294856662 / 16bid not available yetWaived
12471452018-CP-08-01703Berkeley, SC10/2/2019309 Bradley Bend DriveMoncks Corner, SC 29461RB 2461 / 127bid not available yetWaived
12559872018-CP-08-01971Berkeley, SC10/2/2019628 Deepwood CourtMoncks Corner, SC 29461Volume 6965 / 98bid not available yetRequested
12219722016-CP-08-00154Berkeley, SC10/2/2019106 Edmund RoadGoose Creek, SC 294452227 / 244bid not available yetWaived
12716932019-CP-08-00966Berkeley, SC10/2/2019151 Darcy AvenueGoose Creek, SC 29445RB 2670 / 750bid not available yetWaived
12696112019-CP-08-00837Berkeley, SC10/2/2019123 Shellmore TrailSummerville, SC 294864671 / 1bid not available yetWaived
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